SMT Serwis

We are a group of professionals from electronics business offers service, assistance, and  consultancy in surface mount technology (SMT). Using our years of experience in maintenance, programming, surveys and services production lines, we offer outsourcing of maintenance, inspection, installation and configuration of machines. We share our knowledge through support and training for operating machinery and organization of production processes. We are pleased to advise in the implementation of production and help to optimize the production line.

Service and maintenance

We have extensive experience in servicing, repairs and programming:

  • SMT machines
    • Fuji: CP642, 643, CP7, IP3 i QP3
    • Sanyo
    • Universal HSP
    • Hitachi TCM and GXH series
    • Universal Genesis series: GC60, GC120 i GX11
    • Universal GSM Flexhead and Flexjet
  • Stencil printers
    • Dek
    • MPM
  • SMT glue dispensers
    • Fuji GL5
    • Universal GDM
    • Panasert
  • SMT reflow ovens
    • Heller
    • XPM
    • Quantis

We offer:

  • Service machines
  • Reviews post warranty
  • Installation and configuration of machines
  • Evaluation of technical state of machinery and equipment
Serwis i przeglądy

Help and training

In order to meet your expectations, the exact scope of training is always preceded by consultation with you, which is to discover the real training needs and then focus on them. Thanks that the training process may be more effective because it focuses on what really matters, not the knowledge already possessed.

We offer:

  • Training in SMT process
  • Training in operating and programming SMT machines
  • Training in technology of assembly and organization of production processes

We can help in:

  • Optimization of production line
  • Help with transfer lines



Consultancy on technology, assembly and organization of production processes

Optimization of production lines and processes

Troubleshooting process

Technical consultancy in implementing the production


Contact Us

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ul. Dobrzyńska 6

85-189 Bydgoszcz, Poland

Phone/fax: +48 52 346-60-92

Mobile: +48 519 142 425


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About company

Company RobTools is a young dynamically growing company, which are created by people with extensive experience in the electronics industry. Our experience gained through 14 years of work in the electronics industry allows choosing the appropriate suppliers, who provide high quality products and timely deliveries. Direct contact with the factories in many countries allows us to obtain the best products of superior quality for the best possible price.